Qullon is one of the most primal of the Seven-and-Twenty. He is a god of storm and ocean, river and wind. Like the sky and the sea, he can be calm and idyllic in the morning, and a howling fury in the evening. Force of nature that he is, he stands among the Centered Nine. The Roaring God is little concerned with virtue or sin — his greatest demands of the mortal races are that they respect and honor the power of the elements.

Rasenna, like many other nations, represents Qullon with the symbol of a trident flanked by a pair of parting waves. His favored animals are the osprey and the shark. His colors are blue, turquoise and sea green, sometimes grey, accented with white and gold.

When depicted in person, the Roaring God may be shown as a watery giant in armor of coral, sharkskin and woven kelp, or a flint-toothed face in a thunderstorm; artists who prefer a more humanized depiction depict a bronze-armored mariner with hair and beard like foam.

The priesthood of Qullon is strongest by the coast, where they hold small services to mark the changing of the tides. Superstitious sailors make offerings to the Roaring God before they set out on a voyage, throwing food or drink or even coin over the rail for luck. Qullosts celebrate comparatively few festivals, though they mark the change of each season and attempt to propitiate the Roaring God into being merciful with his winds and waves.

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