The coastal, largely marshy nation of Scarpedra has a noisome reputation around the Saanwater, and not undeservedly so. For the last twenty years, it’s established itself as a nation of corsairs. Many independent pirates have found Scarpedran settlements willing ports, and the nation itself has quickly built a remarkable standing fleet of privateers.

Scarpedra itself has existed for only thirty years or so; its reputation as “the corsair nation” is very recent. Previously, the land was known as the Iron Theocracy of Carcagnos, its priest-tyrants dedicated to the god of domination Aaziphon. Carcagnos was itself wholly unbeloved, but its marshy borders protected it from overland invasion. When a rebellion triumphed and the last priest-tyrant was overthrown, the new Free Nation of Scarpedra found itself with not enough resources to become prosperous. It wasn’t long before the nation became a haven for pirates, and then practically governed by them.

The same marshes that protected the borders of Carcagnos now keep the Scarpedran corsairs safe from enemies trying to sack their ports by land. What’s more, the blackheart tree of the marshes contributes a deeply fire-resistant wood to shipbuilders. Ships flying the golden scorpion are swift, maneuverable craft crewed by cunning and experienced captains, and even the pyromancers of Rasenna’s Sorcerous Houses have difficulty burning them to the waterline.

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