Winter Plans 2720

Ettorio Iluni:

Ettorio will stay in Cinquedea.

- Ettorio will continue the negotiations with House Rovino for permission to start courting. He will start reluctantly, then convince himself that this is good for the Iluni. During the negotiations, he will mention (perhaps without entirely planning to) that he will continue to travel and adventure. He will try to keep this part of the negotiations away from his Aunt, if possible. If they seem amenable to that idea, he will become more accepting of the idea.

- If the negotiations go well, he will start courting. In order to “do things right,” he will take his time with this and try to follow the protocols. He sincerely likes Bessari and enjoys the experience, but it is still awkward for him, reminding him too much of the eternal (yet polite) condemnation of Nyrinntal’s adventuring. For the first time, it’s not the Rovino that’s the problem — it’s Ettorio’s family.

- Meanwhile, Ettorio will start to look into Marvino’s money problems. Ettorio has some money from his adventures, but isn’t sure how his brother will take the prospect of financial support.

- Carpa will start training as an official valet for an Iluni of Ettorio’s standing. Ettorio will insist that he also gets the appropriate amount of financial compensation due such a valet. As negotiations continue, Ettorio suggests that at some point, Carpa may need to hire an assistant,s someone to help him with his duties.

- Ettorio will continue to act the part of the young noble about town, carousing and drinking with friends and allies. But two things are different: he will no longer seek inappropriate female companionship (barring, of course, drunken mishaps), and some of it will be a cover for his gradual education with the Black Veils. He even suggests that he might be available for small missions.

- Some of this time he will use to research information on the other places the plague apples were sent. Once the Prince is made aware of them, it should be easier to justify such research “as a concerned citizen,” although he will still attempt to keep his interest appearing innocent and trifling. (In many ways, his foppish noble personality is slowly becoming more like the Bruce Wayne persona that Batman uses.)

- While Carenza’s in town, he will frequently use her to gauge the tenor of the Rovino household. He will also often go out drinking with her as a “safe” female companion for such activities.

- He will regularly correspond with Opilio and Vesper, and will come to the Chapelwood festival. He will buy Vesper a present for her 18th birthday. What does someone get for the necromancer who has everything?

Opilio Chapelwood:

- tend to the negotiations in the aftermath of the Processional Feast, remaining in Cinquedea long enough to do so. Definitely travel with Vesper to Calvera.
- return home to Chapelwood, to oversee the establishment of the estate.
- transfer my old flock and some choice cuttings from my old vineyards to the owner’s demesne on the Chapelwood Estate.
- make known that any second sons and other hardworking men and their families who don’t stand to inherit can come and see me for a parcel of land to work this spring.
- spend the autumn out on the occasional hunting trip in the countryside with Master Borsari.
- assuming all goes well, extend an invitation to Alesci to visit Chapelwood once it’s in decent shape to receive guests.
- he’s definitely coming hunting with us.
- throw a big harvest festival to celebrate the betrothal (again, assuming that is what pans out).

- winter in my own hall! Woo!
- Decherra and I gleefully foster grandparent fantasies of all the babies we intend to dandle on our knees, to Ambria’s inevitable chagrin.

- throw on some work clothes, get out with all the new tenant families and help everyone get fields plowed and new houses/barns erected.

Vesper Sespech:

I suppose Vesper will have to head back to Maviolo. She will need to share what little she’s found out about House Myriadis and the things she wants to research are probably more accessible in the libraries of Ladonna and the Estate.

She will likely be required to travel with the Chapelwoods at least as far as Calvera. Though she is hoping to spend a few more days in Cinquedea to confer with the Vargari about the piece of Vargari history she’s carrying around on her hip before she leaves. She also wants to find out if they are really related to the previous House Vargari or if that’s kind of an exaggeration to help strengthen their claim to great house status. If they really do have some claim to the ancestral holdings they’d like to make, they may want to try to make friends with Prince Lazaretta at some point. She would offer to make introductions but she doesn’t feel she carries much weight in Ladonnan political circles.

Perhaps the Chapelwoods would like to make a few social calls (like to the Tyliel to thank them for sponsoring the processional feast) before we go? I also wonder if some Tyliel might not like to check out the Chapelwood Estate at some point over the fall/winter/spring.

Things to research:

  • Vargari history and holdings in Maviolo and Lamosca (she didn’t really have time to even look into the history of her sword before they had to go kill plague cultists).
  • Salzar. Maybe someone who knew Master Ossomonte longer than she did has heard of this guy. Maybe Ossomonte kept journals or correspondence that might give her a clue who Salzar was and why he killed Ossomonte.
  • Political situation in Ladonna. How would Prince Lazaretta feel about the Vargari potentially reclaiming some of their theoretical ancestral lands? I don’t think anyone is using them, except maybe some undead :) Vesper may try to find out more about politics within the Prince’s court, but I am not sure how she would go about that. Streetwise and Insight might not get her very far. (I’m probably going to end up having to spend a feat on Diplomacy if we make it to L8.)

Other stuff:

  • Write and send letter and money to her mother before she leaves Cinquedea (it’ll get to her faster from there than if she writes from the Estate).
  • House politics. Vesper may be drawn into them. She has opinions that are not likely to be popular.
  • Vesper’s birthday is Rathender 11. She turns 18. Not that anyone at the Estate probably knows or cares.
  • She might write to the Vargari if her research turns up anything interesting/useful.
  • Studying. This can lead to anything from future rituals, to her next vestige, or even potentially put her on the trail of her eventual paragon path (whatever that might be).

Vesper will likely be back in Cinquedea long before summer and staying at the Quiet House. It will depend on how long her research takes. She’ll probably keep up a correspondence with Ambira once she gets back to Cinquedea.

Carenza Vega:

(convert Ladies to mercenary company)

Winter Plans 2720

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