Winter Plans 2721

Ettorio Iluni

  • Before his wedding to Bessari, he will sit down with her and explain to her his involvement with the assassins. He omits his involvement with dealing with her father (unless she asks), and he doesn’t volunteer anything about his real motives the summer before he proposed, but generally he makes a clean breast of the situation. Although he is a liar, those are temporary, ephemeral lies — he won’t let her marry a lie.
  • Assuming she still wants to marry him, they will set a date for the Spring. Naturally, all of his friends are invited. If she breaks off the marriage, Ettorio will fall back on his reputation as a rake and assure that all of the scandal falls on him, not Bessari.
  • He will also continue to do jobs for the Black Veils, particularly in rooting out the mercenary elements of the organization. My goal is to be able to start looking at Assassin as a class by level 9, while still remaining of Good alignment.

Vesper Sespech

  • Traveling to Cinquedea and Raspian to make sure everyone is cool with her impending nuptials, getting a wedding dress and inviting everyone to the wedding. She will not be offended if certain people cannot attend as it is somewhat short notice, and there is (understandably) some lingering resentment against Kosvach by the Cinquedea Rovino.
  • While she’s in Raspian again, possibly using her lessons in diplomacy to try to influence Carnis Vargari to play it a little cooler. Not preaching or exhorting him to calm the fuck down, just laying out the political facts of Raspian and encouraging him to figure out for himself that he may be doing his House more harm than good.
  • Getting married on Evernight (the longest night of the year).
  • Whatever Kosvach wants to do. Marriage is compromise :)
  • Trying to find the perfect wedding present for Ettorio and Bessari. It should say “Maviolo” or “Sespech”. Shadow Magic for Dummies would not be of much use to Bessari, but Maviolo has some fine woodcrafters. Maybe his and hers coffins? Nothing else really says, “’Til death do us part,” quite as effectively. :)
  • Attending Ettorio’s wedding, presuming it happens. Kosvach will not attend, in order to not offend the bride’s family.

Carenza Vega

  • Attending any wedding to which she is invited. When she starts thinking wedding presents, Carenza’s first thought is “weapons,” so Ettorio receives a fine new crossbow with red and gold inlay on the stock and Bessari gets an elegant stiletto jeweled in Iluni colors. Don’t know yet on Vesper and Kosvach, but I’m thinking a pair of really good horses.
  • Beginning a serious training program with the Ladies in Waiting, assuming they have now seen the light about the benefits of traveling as adventurers and mercenaries. Working with them on tactics for places other than city streets. Promoting the company around town, making sure that everyone knows about any recent adventures that make the Ladies look good.
  • Looking for real contracts. Preference goes to anything in Raggavante OR anyplace she has not been before.

Rugo Cuscala


Opilio Chapelwood

  • Spending the autumn working on the harvest, helping folks shore things up for winter. Beginning to lay the groundwork for turning the best bits of land into vineyards for next year and seeing about recruiting an experienced vintner to come live on our lands and become our Master of the Vine (as it were). Spending all my free time (possibly passing off some of my simpler duties to Ambira and Alesci, just for the experience) with Dechera, in preparation for winter.
  • Spend winter in the court of Her Horned Grapiness. Try to get permission to attend the wedding of Vesper and Kosvach, reminding her that Vesper was part of the team that ensured our victory over her rival.
  • Return in spring to start getting the vineyards tilled and planted, and start building a winery. Teach some of the farmers who’ll start tending the vineyards some small libational rites to the Lady who’s given our lands such fertility and prosperity; not worship, but thanksgiving and respect.
  • When summer rolls around, attend Ettorio’s wedding. Use that as an excuse to leave the estate in the hands of Ambira and Alesci for a few weeks, and do some leisure traveling with Dechera. We’ll probably take a trip out to Redoris and then to Raspian City; frankly, Opilio would like the opportunity to show off that he knows the Princes of these cities, even if it’s only peripherally, so he’ll stop off in their courts to pay his respects, introduce his wife and otherwise just enjoy their cities and spend a little coin. Afterwards, they’ll make their way to Canteria, pay their respects there and then settle in to enjoy the rest of the summer and following autumn, while maintaining a correspondence with his friends.

Winter Plans 2721

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