The races who watch the stars mark fifteen signs in the zodiac, each with some portion of elemental power. The humans account the fifteen houses as follows:

Louhos, the Owl: Akhar 1-24, Air

Gurse, the Bear: Akhar 25-Weyrun 18, Earth

Renunne, the Fox: Weyrun 19-Chass 12, Fire

Archelos, the Dragon Turtle: Chass 13-Malader 6, Water

Fulzos, the Thunderbolt: Malader 7-30, Aether

Caeros, the Chariot: Eledra 1-24, Air

Therne, the Stag: Eledra 25-Lussa 18, Earth

Erythres, the Phoenix: Lussa 19-Auber 12, Fire

Arios, the Dolphin: Auber 13-Gondon 6, Water

Teshra, the Maiden: Gondon 7-30, Aether

Corva, the Raven: Mender 1-24, Air

Jaegus, the Hunter: Mender 25-Kolvoar 18, Earth

Morricu, the Banshee: Kolvoar 19-Rathender 12, Fire

Shalass, the Shark: Rathender 13-Shessender 6, Water

Oroboros, the Serpent: Shessender 7-30, Aether

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