Black Veils

The Black Veils are an assassin’s guild peculiar to Rasenna, natural rivals to the Red Tithe. The Veils were founded on a surprisingly altruistic principle: that given the propensity the wealthy and powerful have for abusing those below them, there should be incentives for such worthies to fear abusing their power.

In the passing years, some cells of Black Veils have hewn closely to their original purpose as a “benevolent organization”, while others have become increasingly mercenary. This split has led to covert operations within the organization, as the cells that fall from their original purpose are targeted by those that see them as becoming part of the problem. The Black Veils also have a competition with the Red Tithe that occasionally spills over into bloodshed.

Like other cryptic societies, the Black Veils have a number of odd pass-phrases, codes and badges of recognition. An example is a counterfeit reganti, showing a prince’s portrait with a scarf added — if “spent” at a Black Veil-managed establishment (such as the Bridesmaid’s Tear in Cinquedea), the Veils will render assistance to the one redeeming the coin.

Black Veils By Appearance

  • Faustina Belluna (actress, swordswoman, spy)
  • Avidacari (cell master)
  • Filescar (accountant, blackmailer, traitor)
  • Ilandro (slinger, ruffian, traitor)
  • Giancapri (opera performer, harlequin)
  • Rutesse (herbalist, poisoner)
  • Corveri (scholar, physician, priest of Hothos)
  • Orisimo (falconer, lookout)
  • Nisceri (scrivener, cartographer, cryptographer)

Black Veils

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