Campaign Timeline

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The Summer of 2720

The Hospitality of Master Borsari (sessions 1-3)

- Eledra 17: A dinner with a missing guest.

- Eledra 18: Pursuit of the Spotted Cats. A Scarhawk ambush.

- Eledra 19: The Scarhawks’ rebellion. Ivella Borsari captured and rescued.

Rot Revealed (sessions 4-6)

- Eledra 20: Travel into the woods. Meeting with Quercinnarra. Discovery of Blackharvest Chapel. Potifol’s gamekeeper collected.

- Eledra 21-22: Hunting the Hairy Men. Bloodshed at the farmstead.

- Eledra 23: The arrest of Potifol Whiteknees. The summoning and death of Salzar.

- Eledra 24: Rest and preparation for travel.

Canteria and the Highsun Games (sessions 7-11)

- Eledra 25: Mayhem at the Coiling Snapdragon. Introduction of Carenza Vega.

- Eledra 26: Travel to Canteria.

- Eledra 27-28: Arrival in Canteria. Catafarza’s Prismatic Players. Audience with Prince Temagli. A very productive rumormill.

- Eledra 29: Day one of the Highsun Games. Investigation and intrigues.

- Eledra 30: Day two of the Highsun Games. Assassination attempts.

- Highsun: Day three of the Highsun Games. Caribaldi’s humbling.

- Lussa 1-2: Canteria. Potifol Whiteknees and associates tried. Audience with Temagli, and a request to carry an object to Prince Lazzaretta.

Maviolo (sessions 12-19)

- Lussa 3-6: Travel. Discovery of a bandit raid in Zantira. Spiders.

- Lussa 7-10: Travel. Arrival in Ladona. Carenza learns of family troubles.

- Lussa 11: Visiting Kagall’s fighting pit.

- Lussa 12: Arrangements. Travel to the Sespech Estate. Training exercise.

- Lussa 13: Ettorio’s shadow. Osomont’s funeral.

- Lussa 14: The opera. Vesper’s sword. Umbrals.

- Lussa 15: Investigations. Bloodshed at the Shredded Eel.

- Lussa 16-17: Ettorio involves himself with an actress. Departure for Dunsini Rise. Leucrotta.

- Lussa 18: The plague-town.

- Lussa 19-20: Return to Ladona.

- Lussa 21: Kagall taken out of business.

Blackharvest Chapel (sessions 20-22)

- Lussa 22-23: Carenza’s reconciliation. Vesper’s graduation. Carousing.

- Lussa 24-30: Travel to Canteria.

- Auber 1-3: Return to the Borsari estate.

- Auber 4: Assisting Quercinnarra. The raid on Blackharvest Chapel.

- Auber 5-6: Preparations.

To Cinquedea (sessions 23-25)

- Auber 7-10: Travel to Canteria.

- Auber 11-13: Meeting with Prince Temagli. Negotiations with the Basilica of Sacred Earth.
Brawling with Tuderi.

- Auber 14-21: Travel to Cinquedea. Meetings with the Prismatic Players and Yellow Wasps.

Cinquedea (sessions 26-35)


The Summer of 2721

Redoris and Redfathom (sessions 36-42)

Highsun: Arrival in Redfathom Cove. Liberation of Kosvach and Alesci. Capture of the Elaborate Lie.

Lussa 1: Sail to Redoris. Encounter with Malestron.

Lussa 2-4: Travel inland. Siege of the Poison Frogs’ stockade.

Lussa 5: Attacked in Tarplank.

Lussa 6: Return to Redoris. Icon given to Malestron.

Lussa 7-11: Affair of the three-sided coin.

Lussa 12: Return to Cinquedea.

Lussa 13-20: Time spent in Cinquedea.

The Capital Intrigues (sessions 43+)

Lussa 21: Travel to Raspian City. Ambuscade.

Campaign Timeline

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