To either side of the Saan River, south of the Iron Reaches and north of Rasenna, runs the wide realm of fallen Idyss, now Cynelorn. Idyss was one of the many splintered nations to grow out of the broken and vanished Dys, and the one that came closest to Dysian glory. Idyss flourished in the fertile land, but grew haughty and decadent.

Legend holds that Alvoran, god of beasts, grew so sorrowful at the cruel ways in which the animals of Idyss were made to suffer that he asked one of his fellows to assist him in an errand of mercy — and Phouth, god of plague, assented. Idyss was brought low within months. The plague has been gone from the land a long time, but civilization has been slow to take second roots there.

Cynelorn is currently a land still finding its identity. Its settlements are scattered and sometimes contentious, though they share an understandable interest in finding ways to live with the land rather than exploiting it. Most towns, city-states and petty holdings are influenced by the cults of Alvoran, who see the land as sacred to them — and wary of the cults of Phouth, who also see the land and its plague-stricken ruins and mass graveyards as sacred.

Rasenna treats its northern neighbor as a strong potential business interest. Cynelorn has massive forests full of splendid lumber perfect for ships, all manner of wild beasts (some of genuinely dire aspect) that provide rare furs and ivory, and undoubtedly it possesses many artistic treasures of old Idyss ripe for the taking. Some of the northern principalities have attempted to expand their borders northward in the past, but the Cynans are ruthless guerilla fighters, and very adept at turning the land against invaders. At present, the political climate is such that Iluni and Amiroso delegates are heavily courting the Cynan lords. Regrettably, it may be just a matter of time before an impatient prince feels his military strength is sufficient that he can attempt to claim a choice section of forest or potential swath of farmland for his own.

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