Elves are not heavily represented in Rasenna; they are a race that largely lives outside, with no Great House of their own. The occasional site in one of the outer principalities will turn up with evidence of an old elven settlement or camp, but overall Rasenna’s history has been little swayed by the elven peoples.

Elves group themselves into kindreds, classifications that are (as near as any human can tell) based partly on blood and partly on culture. The three most common kindreds are summer, autumn and winter.

Summer Elves (Lammarial): The most commonly seen elves in Rasenna. Summer elves are the least reclusive kindred, and can shift quickly from diplomatic to short-tempered and warlike. They are notably inclined to adopt interesting ideas from other cultures, though they retain a good amount of cultural pride. They are the most varied in skin, hair and eye color, though dark hair is most common. House Iluni had its origins with the union between human and summer elf, and where they manage to win elven spouses, such spouses are almost always Lammarial.

Autumn Elves (Pellial): A more militant and reclusive kindred, the autumn elves prefer to keep within the boundaries of their forest kingdoms. They are rarely seen in Rasenna, caring little for the thick press of urbanity. Autumn elves tend to have skin tones ranging from pale to nut-brown, with a faint greenish tinge to their blood where humans are more bluish. Their hair tends to reflect the colors of a forest in autumn.

Winter Elves (Ullial): The most intellectual and withdrawn of kindreds, winter elves have the keenest gift for sorcery among their kin. They can appear as cold as their namesake, in visage and in demeanor. They tend toward pale, slightly bluish skin and hair in various pale colors, especially pale blond, silver, white or grey.

Curst Elves (Morafir): A fallen kindred, never walking openly in human civilizations or those of their brethren. The nature of the Morafir’s ancient crimes are not fully understood, but their methodology betrays them. The curst elves have a penchant for metamorphic magic, and have crafted many alarming monsters in their flesh-cauldrons. They resemble summer and winter elves very closely, particularly to the untrained human eye, though most have a certain air of cruelty that they rarely bother to disguise.

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