Eveningstones is the primary Iluni estate in Invicci, located within the walls of Cinquedea. A small but carefully manicured garden-park surrounds the tower-like manse, and the upper levels provide an excellent view of the city.

The estate is overseen by Lapetra Iluni, a grim and tight-lipped woman who is still quite bitter about her elven husband abandoning her some ten years ago. She is the aunt of Ettorio Iluni, and becomes particularly severe toward her nephew whenever he reminds her of her philandering husband. It was her suggestion that Ettorio go to “see the countryside” after bedding a Rovino woman.

Ettorio’s parents are Medescar and Niladae Iluni, both half-elves. Medescar was a poor man before marrying into the family; he loves his wife and son, but is aware that he had little to bring to the marriage save his blood and his goodwill. He usually defers to his wife on any important affairs, and prefers to avoid the attention of Lapetra (who is also somewhat jealous of his devotion to her sister). Niladae is very proper and conservative, the picture of Iluni courtesy and elegance. She cares deeply for her immediate family, but wants Ettorio to marry well.

Ettorio is the youngest of four siblings: two older brothers and one older sister. The eldest brother is Marvino Iluni, and he favors his mother’s pragmatism and conservative nature. Next in line is Ettorio’s other brother, Vinetti Iluni, who is more like his father — quiet and contemplative, although still quick-witted in his own intellectual way. Ettorio’s sister is Virillin (who Ettorio called “Lin”), and she is the most fae of the siblings, enjoying song, stories, and pleasant conversation.

All three siblings are married. Marvino’s wife is Angesta Iluni (nee Batholus), the daughter of a merchant who’d made his fortune from shipping runs to Toquay. She is deeply in love with her husband; Marvino neatly conceals that the reverse is not true, and that he followed pragmatism rather than his heart. Vinetti married Piressa Tyliel, a well-respected naturalist in her House (although like most of the House, with no magic of her own). The two seem happy enough, and Vinetti is gradually taking more of an interest in his wife’s field of study. Virillin has recently married Nyrinntal Feradwere, a summer elf adventurer who carefully deflects conversation away from his time in his homeland. Neither of the two seem ready to begin raising a family, which worries Lapetra greatly — she fears the elf will develop wanderlust and abandon Virillin before any children are born.


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