Executors Spoils

Numerous amounts of personal effects, adequate-quality weapons and light armor can be scavenged from the corpses.

Gorvo wore a holy symbol of Jaulckem, and carried a masterwork gladius.

The vault itself contains many coffers of coin, and a few goods that apparently were kept here rather than at any warehouses under the Executors’ control. Those mercenaries with long experience in looting would estimate the take at roughly:

10,000 gp worth of silver and copper coins
8,000 gp in reganti
Roughly 6,000 gp worth of narcotics

Also kept in the vault were

*Ledgers of activity (which businesses were paying, how much, when due, with notations for collection and subordinates responsible; a few notes on what appear to be a cut from smuggling runs as well)
*Dice and cards, a fair amount
*A map of the local sewers, of unclear accuracy; one section is marked with red ink.
*An ivory statuette of Shessa, goddess of night, done in a somewhat sensual manner

Executors Spoils

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