Rasennans celebrate a number of festivals, some based on the common calendar holidays that are recognized across the continent, some based on the history of a given principality. The following are some of the most notable.

Betweening Days

The festivals known as “betweening days” are days that are not enumerated in the months of the year. They are the equinoxes and solstices, as well as Midsummer, a day that was allegedly stolen away and introduced into the year by trickery — legend has it there were 364 days in the year before Midsummer was introduced.


The spring equinox, Icemelt lands between the months of Weyrun and Chass, introducing spring. The common tradition is for the young and/or daring to immerse themselves in water to defy the cold and welcome the spring. It is a common time for religious rituals centering on agriculture, betrothals and weddings.


The summer equinox comes between the months of Eledra and Lussa. One of the most common traditions associated with the holiday is the idea of spending the noontime bells doing what you wish to be doing every day: eating a good meal, laughing with your family, kissing your sweetheart, counting your money, or indulging in some manner of vice.

The tradition in Ladona is to treat Highsun as the festival of the Dragon. Dragon parades, sponsored by various local powers such as Great Houses or trade guilds, wind their way through each district. Each parade features some representation of dragons, from the simple cloth banners in Farhaunts to the elaborate wagons pulled by draconic-decorated beasts on Empire Hill. Those putting on the parades throw “the dragon’s wealth” into the crowd, be it cheap baubles and wooden play-coins or actual copper and silver.


Midsummer lies between the 15th and 16th of Auber. It is a common time for raucous festivals involving mock battles and tests of strength. Athletic competitions are particularly popular in Calvera, and bridge-fighting is a common pursuit in most urban centers.

Harvest’s Birth

The fall equinox lands between Gondon and Mender. As the name implies, it centers on celebrations of the harvest and prosperity; while the harvest season is just beginning, grand feasts are common in most principalities.


The winter solstice comes between the months of Rathember and Shessender. In many places it is a more sober holiday than most, with families reflecting on the last year and preparing for the winter. In others, it is an excuse for debauchery. The Highsun superstition of the noon bells has a mirror in Evernight, with many people preferring to spend midnight doing whatever they dearly wish to be doing every night for the next year.

Other Festivals

A variety of other holidays and local festivals litter the Rasennan calendar.

Gallowfeast, the last night of Kolvoar, is a night where the dead are reputed to walk more easily. The gates to the Underworld are not as securely fastened, and so people either keep quietly in their homes at night, or celebrate with grotesque masks and bright fires to confuse and ward away any restless spirits.


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