Heron Tower Spoils

First Floor, Alchemist’s Labs:

Alchemical components (280g worth)
Alchemical tools (300g worth)
Coffer with 131 g and four “potions of earthen strength”
Books (the journal of one Bagravvio, plus see below)

Iridios’ Gear:

An enchanted hood; the hood of his garment is a separate piece. It seems to be a mix of strong glamour magic with mild strains of noble alchemy.
A staff of silvery metal, tipped with a prism; possessed of potent light magic
A scroll of water breathing
A silver ring set with a colorless opal, with mild divinatory properties

Fourth Floor, Suite:

Ritual and illusion magic components (400g worth)
621g, assorted change
Pouch with 3 blue pearls (200 g each)
Iridios’ ritual book: contains sending, magic mouth, hallucinatory item, secret chest*, pyrotechnics, fool’s gold

*also known as Leomund’s secret chest, in worlds possessed of Leomunds



Andragora’s Fundament
Aquan Metamorphosis
Earth By Water, Water By Earth
The Elemental Archons
Magisera Andurum, Magisera Exalatum


Crythylla’s Phantasmagoria
Drottovo’s Facial Studies
Erotic Secrets of the Elves
The Masquer’s Art
The Mirage of Iron
Prismatics: The Supernal Refraction
The Thousand Colors
Twenty-One Maidens

Heron Tower Spoils

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