House Iluni

Since their inception, House Iluni has been an extended family of largely half-elves. The Iluni play social games very well, and much of their fortune has come from marrying well, bringing independent fortunes into the House’s own. Their elven blood is a great source of pride, and they have managed to cultivate ties with nearby elven lands, often obtaining preferential trade partner status. Most Rasennans admire the Iluni ideals of artistry and elegance, and many young blades aspire to win the attention of an Iluni beauty. The Iluni wear blue, black and silver, and their pin depicts two half-moons flanking a luniel flower.

The House seat is in Palsera, the capital of Palaterra. The estate of Nillafinra (taken from the elven phrase for “Blood of the Moon”) has grown up around an old elven manse, expanded and enlarged with subsequent generations. The Iluni have cause to believe it to be one of the most elegant villas in Rasenna, surrounded as it is by beautifully sculpted grounds. Its halls are adorned with elven art as well as Rasennan works. Being a house that trades on diplomacy, the Iluni have smaller estates in almost every other principality, where the scions of the house mingle with the local upper crust.

Naturally, given that the Iluni profit so greatly from their mix of elven blood, house scions are strongly encouraged to keep the bloodline strong. An Iluni is most free to pick his or her future spouse if the choice is another half-elf, or a full-blooded elf. However, marrying a human for love is discouraged to varying extent. An Iluni with no obvious prospects for a mate of elven blood is expected to marry someone who will extend the influence and prospects of the house. Some summarize the choice with the house proverb “Marry well, or marry well, or marry not at all” — and others emphasize that “marry not at all” is not an option that increases family goodwill.


The Iluni originated from a pledge between two families, one elven and one human, who supported one another during a bloody civil war 120 years ago. The first generation born to those unified families was beautiful and charming, winning the hearts of aristocrats and war heroes as they grew to adulthood. However, the Iluni realized that their elven blood was clearly diminishing within the 3rd generation. One of the younger first-generation Iluni began the practice of wooing half-elves and elves from outside the family, and the tradition has been encouraged ever since.

The Iluni have a long history of political games within Rasenna. They have sometimes even been instrumental in the rise and fall of other Great Houses. The most recent example was the elven House Kalthéas, whom the Iluni had courted since the elves’ arrival in Rasenna. The Kalthéas were resistant to marrying half-elves and humans, however, despite their willingness to provide other tokens of friendship. Though the Iluni gave no sign of it, the elders regarded this as a deeply wounding insult. When, following a subsequent scandal, House Tuderi called for Kalthéas to be stripped of Great House status and made to leave Rasenna, the Iluni were instrumental in making the measure pass.

Iluni moon flower

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Notable Iluni

  • Angesta Iluni, Marvino’s wife, nee Batholus
  • Ettorio Iluni, Cinquedean swashbuckler and ne’er-do-well
  • Lapetra Iluni, head of the Cinquedean house, Ettorio’s aunt
  • Marvino Iluni, eldest of Ettorio’s older brothers
  • Medescar Iluni, Ettorio’s father
  • Niladae Iluni, Ettorio’s mother
  • Nyrinntal Feradwere, summer elf adventurer, husband to Virillin
  • Vestiri Iluni, dashing, witty and unmarriageable traveler
  • Vinetti Iluni, younger of Ettorio’s older brothers
  • Virillin Iluni, Ettorio’s sister

House Iluni

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