House Miriadis

The Miriadis represent something rarely seen since the Year of Fire — a group aspiring not only to the status of Great House, but to be numbered among the Sorcerous Houses. They have benefited from the patronage of Prince Bellostia of Invicci, who has courted other Sorcerous Houses into moving their House seats into the province. At present they have yet to be recognized as a Great House by the Council of Princes or the Assembly, though Bellostia hopes the vote this winter will go in the Miriadis’ favor.

The would-be House Miriadis professes no specialty in the arcane, unlike their rivals. They claim to embrace all magical schools of practice equally. This no doubt aids their recruitment tactics: the Miriadis have swiftly gained a reputation for attempting to cozen adepts of other Sorcerous Houses to defect. A few already have: the Miriadis have made a few friends among the discontented and ambitious. Remarkably, the Miriadis have also managed to uncover a surprising number of adepts who were not previously remarkable for their power. It’s uncertain just how they’ve managed to recruit so many fresh young pyromancers and conjurers, but their tactics are certainly effective. They have also recruited the Thornshields mercenary company to join their ranks, initiating them as a strong portion of the cadet membership.

The current head, and aspiring Miriadis House Grandfather, is the conjurer Zalthasar. He occupies the Diamond Seat, which is “first among equals” of the six seats at the Miriadis governing council. The Ruby Seat is taken by Rofocarre, a prodigal young pyromancer who mentors many of the up-and-coming recruits. Two seats are filled by disaffected adepts of other Houses: the ex-Bascho alchemist Grunestia claims the Topaz Seat (or the Gold Seat), and the Emerald Seat belongs to Caspiar, an enchanter who left House Tyliel under a cloud of censure. At present Zalthasar is reviewing candidates for the Sapphire Seat and Onyx Seat.

The Miriadis pin depicts a hexagonal prism filled with lacquered wedges in the colors of white, red, blue, green, yellow and black. Their seat is a manse in Cinquedea, where beacons in their principal colors blaze atop the sixfold towers.


House Miriadis

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