House Rovino

The Rovino family has made its fortune in the sale of weapons; they are always happy to hear of another war breaking out (away from their own lands, of course) so that they can sell their goods in greater numbers. Unfortunately, this attitude also gives rise to no small number of bullies and bravos among the Rovino youth. The House produces more than its share of troublemakers who take too much pride in their house’s martial heritage. The Rovinos are generally held as too coarse and belligerent for their own good, but the other houses tolerate them as long as their money holds out.

House Rovino has strong holdings in Invicci, Carcador, Duatine and Verann. The Rovinos wear red, yellow and black, and their pin depicts a cluster of three swords.

Rovino swords

Notable Rovino

  • Basolo Rovino, cousin to Carenza, moderately level-headed, Ladonan
  • Bessari Rovino, daughter of Bravadi, affianced to Ettorio Iluni
  • Bravadi Rovino, warmonger and double-dealer, former head of the Cinquedean branch
  • Carenza Vega, mercenary and adventurer, niece to Cornabossa
  • Cornabossa Rovino, head of the Ladonan branch
  • Quinta Rovino, swordswoman of the Cinquedean branch
  • Rasselo Rovino, son of Bravadi, current head of the Cinquedean branch
  • Scorpis Rovino, enforcer to Bravadi, deceased
  • Termarra Rovino, head of the Raspian branch

House Rovino

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