House Sespech

The Sespechs are the most enigmatic of the five Sorcerous Houses, due in no small part to their chosen fields of study. House Sespech specializes in uncovering the “dark portion” of existence — shadow magic and necromancy in particular are their stock in trade. Unsurprisingly, the Sespechs have a relatively murky reputation among most Rasennans, though the reputation is in all likelihood mostly undeserved. Sespech the Shadowed, the house founder, was greatly aggrieved by the amount of knowledge lost in the senseless struggle of the Year of Fire, and is said to have exacted terrible oaths from many wizards to prevent such a thing from happening again. The Shadowed One swore many oaths of loyalty to Rasenna himself, but nonetheless has passed into Rasennan folklore as a figure of dread. Some say that his ghost still watches over his house, and mothers warn their children that the Shadowed One drags disobedient children into the darkness, where they are never heard from again.

The house’s formal crest is a gray glove marked with a stylized black eye. The house pin is worked in silver or iron in the shape of a glove, inscribed with the eye in relief, but many Sespechs do not wear their pins openly. A popular house fashion is to wear gloves of gray cloth, kid or leather with the eye painted or embroidered across the back of the hand or, more rarely, the palm. Their familiars are strange and quiet spirits, things of shadow or bone. The house motto is “Te Palas Nil Aphos” — “I walk without fear.”

The Sespech seat rests in a sprawling estate (often called “the Estate”) in a more remote portion of the Maviolo principality, where the wizards of the house are left to their own devices. Their domain was built from the remains of a Dysian ruin, said to be once the home of an ancient family or magical order themselves devoted to the art of necromancy.

Sadavari Sespech is the current House Grandfather. He is old somewhat beyond the usual confines of human mortality, and still showing some vitality, which has caused some consternation among those Sespechs who have been waiting for him to vacate the post. The three preeminent potential heirs are Ilviro, a potion-medium with a taste for local politics; Dellascura, a potent shadow mage who believes it’s time for a woman to lead for a time; and Savaquin, a necromantic prodigy with a reputation for being quite logical and somewhat cold-hearted.

Eye of sespech

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House Sespech

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