House Torccerna

For a hundred and fifty years House Torccerna was one of the most powerful Great Houses in Rasenna. They began their climb to power with shrewd mercantile arrangements, gaining favorable trade in arms in many places along the Saan River from northern Rasenna to Serugeth. At the height of their power, some fifty years ago, they had contacts in every nation around the Saanwater itself. For all their influence, though, they were a small House at that time. They became very selective about their marriages, and tended to have few children overall.

Many were jealous of the Torccerna’s success, but few suspected that the worst rumors were actually true. In 2685, the House Grandfather was implicated in an attempt on the life of the Prince of Raspian. This attempt was foiled by a band of mercenaries claiming descent from the original House Vargari, who immediately struck back against the Torccerna before they had time to react. In the process, they revealed that the Torccerna had been seeped in infernalism for decades, and had conducted many blasphemous rituals in order to secure their power. Most of the Torccerna at the House seat were slain. Those outliers that fled, or were able to prove their ignorance and innocence, were stripped of House status. The grateful Prince of Raspian convinced his fellows to give the Torccerna holdings to the Vargari, and to permit them to reestablish themselves as a Great House.

Today the Torccerna are largely an object lesson in improper paths to power — or, depending on who you ask, on the folly of risking too much and exposing your secrets. The Vargari continue to hold their old estates. Those who survived typically changed their names and did their best to disassociate themselves with the old House, though some undoubtedly hold old grudges about the affair.

When the Torccerna were a viable House, their colors were red and orange with silver accents. Their crest depicted a blazing torch held in a mailed fist.

House Torccerna

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