House Vargari

The Vargari are functionally a new House, and an upstart in the eyes of many. Prior to their rise, they were a band of blades-of-fortune and mercenaries, claiming some sort of heritage from the centuries-gone original House Vargari. However, it was in this form that they were able to foil an attempt against the Prince of Raspian’s life and uncover a deep core of infernalism at the heart of the arms-merchant House Torccerna. A majority of the princes voted them into full House status, granting them the reestablishment of the Vargari name as well as much of the holdings of the former House Torccerna. The thirty-five years since this unorthodox second founding have seen the Vargari settle into something of a “proper” House mold, although they are still prone to handle some affairs with a lack of civilized decorum.

Many other Houses dislike and resent the Vargari, feeling that “the Werewolves” would fall on another House and devour it as well if they had the opportunity. Some even say that the misdeeds of Torccerna were invented whole cloth, and that these warmongers demolished an innocent House in their ambition. There certainly isn’t definitive proof that they are even blood relatives of the original House Vargari. However, the Werewolves have resisted many subtle attempts to test their place. They keep largely out of House politics when they can. Moreover, they maintain a high level of swordsmanship among their number: attempts to draw Vargari into lethal duels have often led to the death of the would-be spadassassin, and the House has such strong internal loyalty that anyone who manages to best a single Vargari in a duel must test himself against many more. Such blades usually don’t have long to savor their victory.

The Vargari, when they wear house colors, wear red and grey; brown is an unofficial accent color, given their penchant for wearing leather armor to even social functions. Their pin depicts a two-headed wolf. The original House motto was “Loyalty and Vigilance,” and many of the present Vargari still uphold this motto. But it’s arguable that the true motto of the modern Vargari is their warcry: “The Wolf Lives.”

Vargari wolf

Notable Vargari

  • Alorem Vargari, doomed lover, ghost bound to scabbard
  • Brosetta Vargari, half-orc brawler, initiated into the House for valorous service
  • Caineros Vargari, Grimant’s son
  • Forsa Vargari, Grimant’s wife
  • Grimant Vargari, head of the Cinquedean Vargari household, Rodivar’s older brother
  • Iliska Vargari, Alvorite acolyte, Kosvach’s younger sister
  • Inyavka Vargari, Lokvan warrior, mother to Kosvach
  • Luco Vargari, House Grandfather
  • Kosvach Vargari, Cinquedean swordsman
  • Ravian Vargari, swordsman, adopted scion of Grimant
  • Rodivar Vargari, father to Kosvach
  • Styriax Vargari, doomed lover, ghost bound to sword
  • Tarvana Vargari, mercenary warrior, Kosvach’s older sister

House Vargari

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