Tucked between Raspian and Calvera sits the principality of Invicci. Invicci has less favorable rivers than those provinces which sit upon the Saan, less coastline than Raspian or Forspada, less fertile plains than Calvera, and less mineral wealth than Duatine and Verann. It is a prosperous state by most metrics; it simply comes in second or third in many categories than registering as first in any one. And to some extent, that colors its local character. The people of Invicci would like more; nothing quite drives local politics like the desire to finally outdo the neighbors.

Invicci seems to have an almost cramped quality, despite its size. Its rustic settlements are crowded by thorny, tangled woods that make for difficult logging, and long stretches of hills with little to recommend them but stone. Its cities have narrow streets behind high, angular walls. The Inviccans excuse this away by claiming that it’s best to be close together, so that you always know where your neighbor is and what he’s up to.

Naturally, the local character also lends itself well to intrigues. It’s said that any family in Invicci likely is embroiled in twice as many intrigues, vendettas, schemes, feuds and affairs as an equivalent family in another principality would be. The settlements, particularly the capital of Cinquedea, are home to organized crime both of the explicitly criminal and the subtly House-rooted sort. Some highwaymen plague the roads, and there are apparently even more dangerous things in the unsettled stretches of wild lands.

The capital of Cinquedea is a narrow coastal city, notable both for its many canals and for its numerous towers, each one attempting to stand taller and prouder than its neighbors. The folk there smile often, if thinly. It is the seat of Prince Bellostia, an immense and decadent woman who flaunts her wealth and the wealth of Invicci as often as she can get away with it. Bellostia, like much of her principality, practices the “sweet smiles and clenched teeth” school of diplomacy with her neighbors. She covets the favor of Raspian’s Prince Cortifo, and is bitterly jealous that her rival Prince Alviarra of Forspada enjoys that favor at the moment.


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