It’s a common thing to see a Rasennan make some gesture against evil when the Lost Principality of Lamosca is mentioned. The fall of Lamosca, the corruption of its Prince, the blight that fell on the land — these things are recounted in horrible ballads brought out on Gallows Night, and feed a persistent dread that it could happen again.

Lamosca lies in eastmost Rasenna, touching the borders of Verann, Calvera and Maviolo. Its once beautiful orchards are now blackened and bear bilious fruit. Its once prosperous towns are toppled and empty, and its capital of Cruccira is said to moan when the wind blows through its empty halls. The curse levied a hundred years ago still lingers in the land, and few Rasennans have any desire to set foot in Lamosca, much less to attempt reclaiming it for the nation. Rumor has it that the fallen Prince still abides in Cruccira, doomed to haunt its halls while the curse remains.

There’s no question that Lamosca lives up to its reputation. All the hazards of a wilderness are magnified, and many of its ruins are haunted by unliving victims of the fall. Roving bands of capricaurs and minotaurs have migrated from Minon, and manticores and drakes are free to hunt openly. Certainly much of the principality’s wealth was never carried out of Lamosca, but there are many reasons it may stay there forever.

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