Master NPC List

The list of everyone. Constantly in progress.

Last Update: Through Session 90

Alesci Tyliel: Charming young cadet of the Cinquedean Tyliel.
Alorem Vargari: Long-dead paramour of Styriax. Ghost bound into the scabbard that bears her name.
Amabella Tuderi: Lusty Canterian aristocrat. Sister to Lusaddo Tuderi.
Ambira Chapelwood: Only daughter to Opilio. Engaged to Alesci Tyliel.
Amrisa: Oddly young Gargantan death-priestess of Theht.
Andelac Borsari: Head of the Borsari family in Calvera.
Anencia Borsari: Middle daughter of Andelac and Rachessa Borsari.
Anencia of Qullon: Agent of the Breakwater Basilica.
Angesta Iluni: Marvino’s wife; daughter of the Batholus sea merchant family.
Angisera Vargari: Renowned Vargari warrior; “saint of the spear.”
Annelia D’Ambergia: Eccentric young socialite; twin to Israfina.
Annisar: Attendant at Salvina Villa.
Antino Barusse: Explorer; formerly demon-possessed.
Argentine D’Acentra: Arcane advisor to Prince Cortifo.
Aripo Finefinger: Curio merchant and victim of a plague apple.
Arisant: Aspiring swordmaster; courting Istrella Sespech.
Arnosta Vantir: Captain of the Silver Lord; luckless trader.
Arusta Sespech: Necromancer of the Estate; house expert on vampirism.
Avidacari: Master of the Ladonan Black Veils.
Avirex: Master of the Salt Viper sword school.
Avistella: Ladonan opera singer; associated with the Salon of Enigmas.
Azilro: Arcane advisor to Prince Gorsino. Reputedly inept.

Balagond: Alchemist and quartermaster to the Scarhawks mercenary company.
Balsar: Ladonan quality smith, ally to the Rovino.
Bandegan: Itinerant Taltikkan ascetic.
Barcolo: Rugged woodsman; protector of White Hollow.
Basilcar Vargari: Vargari brawler who uses punch-daggers; husband to Venetta,
Basilos Pulsciri: Ranking merchant; father to Ninetta.
Basolo Rovino: Decent at heart scion of the Ladonan Rovinos.
Bessari Rovino: Surprisingly charming fiancee to Ettorio; also author of his scandal.
Biliostrix: Child survivor of the Dunsini Rise plague turned Phouthite prophet of Blackharvest Chapel.
Bingetti Piccolo: Wastrel friend of Ettorio. Prone to fall in love quickly.
Blaissa: Ladonan cutpurse of Cutter’s Way. Black Veils prospect. Aka “Isra.”
“Bloodnotch”: Spear-wielding dwarf veteran of the Executors.
Bosocue Nemedian: Gargantan merchant, lesser partner and wife to Tilanna.
Boss Saltcliff: Giant-blooded master of Redfathom Cove.
Bozador Rovino: Salvina patient. Vermintongue.
Brandobarius: Cinquedean alchemist-adept of the Bascho.
Bravadi Rovino: Former head of the Cinquedean Rovino; well-connected, paranoid warmonger.
Bress: Seneschal to Prince Olidian; former Paelite.
Brightfather Antolio: Head priest of the Kaelite Shrine of the Noonday Sun in Garganta.
Brighthawk Invista: Kaelite crusader of Garganta.
Bronzarion Bascho: Gargantan representative of House Bascho; alchemist of note.
Brosetta (“Rosette”) Vargari: Sturdy half-orc brawler warrior; fresh Vargari blood.
Bufonrino Spatterditch the First and Only: Prince of the Silty Undermarch. Batrachian fey.
Buso: Loyal muscle to the Ladonan Rovinos. Killed by apes.

Cabrino: Mercenary quartermaster turned Canteria job broker.
Cadmiro Vycalaca, aka Cadmiro Zarocci: Lamoscan vampire posing as a Verannese gem merchant.
Caineros Vargari: Aspiring young blade; son of Grimant and Forsa.
Calcarro: Phouthite priest of Cinquedea.
Calibar Rovino: One-handed rival and brother-in-law of Rugo Cuscala.
Caliera Tyliel: Enchantress and head of the Raspian City Tyliel.
Calignant: Master of the Displacer Blade sword school.
Captain Angratti: Watch-captain of the Scabbard district of Raspian City.
Captain Argonest: Silver-armored spartoi and leader of the Ladonan guard.
Captain Beniro Regacarne: Leader of the Bronze Besiegers mercenary company; purchaser of plague-apples.
Captain Breggatira: Watch-captain of the Veins district of Cinquedea.
Captain Crevant: Leader of the Scarhawks mercenary company.
Captain Fortera Caribaldi: Leader of the Manticore Company mercenaries; plotter.
Captain Occorro Drakeshand: Captain of the Firedrakes company; wields an enchanted sword. Secret member of the Salon of Enigmas.
Captain Quiccera: No-nonsense Cinquedean guard captain.
Captain Ralgori: Deceased leader of the Vanquishers mercenary company.
Captain Tolnaro: Ladonan captain; stricken by illness from Lucovol Villa.
Captain Velistir: Cruel champion and favorite of Prince Bellostia.
Caraverna: Calveran Chanethi Scythe of the Faith.
Carmina Foxhair: Eminent Heirogalant of the Redoris temple to Taltikka.
Carnis Vargari: Bellicose Raspian blade.
Carpa: Former bandit, now woebegone manservant.
Cassa: Often-overborne handmaid to Bessari Iluni.
Catariella: Actress; agent of the Raspian City Black Veils.
Cattri: Lady-in-Waiting turned mercenary.
“Cavo”: Bandit among the Spotted Cats. Known only by an alias.
Cebri: Admirer and hanger-on to Larettio D’Oscura.
Chaedris: Frail-seeming winter elf owner of the Theatre Penumbral.
Check: Halfling advisor to Prince Olidian.
Chiro: Hoary bat familiar to Vesper Sespech; sesquipedalian.
Chrysidere Sespech: Necromancer of Selespian origin; lover to Secordis Ossomont.
Cialaperacci: Alias of Shalperax, elemental fiend.
Cianetto Tuderi: Canterian bravo.
Cilissa: Salvina patient.
Cispa Donante: Long-dead last notable scion of the lesser House Donante.
Colleri the Smelter: Smuggler associate of Bravadi Rovino; deceased.
“Contessa” Troka: Half-orc lieutenant of the Ladies-in-Waiting.
Coral: Young halfling servant turned scout for Carenza’s mercenary group.
Corbis Borsari: Only son of Andelac and Rachessa Borsari.
Cormarro Dusaam: Corrupted hydromancer of the Heron Tower. Slain by Carenza Vega.
Cornabossa Rovino: Head of the Ladonan Rovinos.
Corseco Rovino: Ladonan bravo of questionable judgment.
Corveri: Cinquedean Black Veils doctor; faithful or priest to Hothos.
Crestir Miriadis: Charming mouthpiece for the would-be House Miriadis.
Crucerio: Personal bodyguard to Prince Temagli.

Dame Ilsivris: Morafir knight, abandoned in Redfathom Cove.
Darfiro Rovino: Witty and catlike Raspian City rake.
Dechera Chapelwood: Small but fierce wife to Opilio.
Decillius Sespech: Son of Sadavari; cadet branch scholar. Opinionated.
Dellascura Sespech: Ranking adept and aspirant to position of House Grandmother.
Desparda: Master of the Iron Fang sword school.
Dessamori: Ladonan priestess to Kylir and head of the local shrine.
Doctor Halivar: Director of the Salvina Villa asylum.
Donaria Catafarza: Playwright, actor and head of Catafarza’s Prismatic Players.
Donifar Jadesailor: Young Cinquedean socialite.
Donatessa Miraglia: Gargantan opera singer, concealing a strange secret.
Dorego/“Cabrio”: Gamekeeper to Potifol Whiteknees.
Dorimo “The Fury” Furare: Local hero, associate of Prince Temagli.
Dossa Barcamir: Ladonan merchant lord; wagered his wife on a bet.
Dosta: Raspian City street urchin and tout.
Dowser: Halfling work-broker of Garganta.
Drego Lionsblood: Long-deceased mercenary captain and eternal rival to the vanished House Donante.
Drogvar the Scab: Burn-scarred dwarf, master of the Life and Death gambling house/fighting pit.
Drosseltar Lathemark: Dwarven landlord of Corventira Tower in Cinquedea.
Druceron Tidewalker: High priest of the Breakwater Basilica in Redoris.
Dua: Lady-in-Waiting soldier, acting sergeant under Carenza’s command.
“Duchess” Forzia: Leader of the Ladies-in-Waiting.
The Duet: Twin leucrotta that guard the Cinquedean Tyliel estate.

Eglantina: Courtesan of the Golden Orchid and later the Gilded Iris; poor reputation due to sickness incidents.
Emeraude: Cockatrice. Pet of Nemore D’Ambergia.
Erigo: Charming blade; prospect of the Ladonan Vargari.
Escea: Diminutive lady of the night at the Water Lily.
Estiella Crisandor: Salvina patient. Fond of Valisar Vargari.

Fabria Miriadis: Put-upon apprentice to Grunestia.
Fair Clyressa: Mistress of the Golden Orchid brothel; Phouthite poisoner in league with the Discreet Brethren.
Falcinos Verastin: Cinquedean representative of his Sorcerous House. Does not socialize.
Faustina Belluna: Ladonan actress and idealist Black Veils assassin.
Felastria: Former arcane advisor to Prince Gorsino; disgraced.
Fesizzi: Quartermaster to the Manticore Company.
Filescar: Accountant and traitor to the Black Veils.
Floressa Tyliel: Enchanting student to Mistress Virscia; friend to Vesper, Alesci and Kosvach.
Forsa Vargari: Cinquedean matron; wife to Grimant.
Furnetti: Agent of Helsperia Dassant; encouraged to leave her service.

Galignante: Leader of the Spotted Cats bandits.
Galmagno: Ladonan ruin-priest.
Gastardi: Corrupt lieutenant of Canteria.
Gaudagrim Heavyhand: Gargantan dwarf merchant, husband to Skalva.
Gevran Ferraregante: Master weaponsmith.
Giacador Andredi: Cousin to Andelac Borsari; disappointed suitor to Ambira.
Gianbanco of Lowlight: Wandering gambler; Blackharvest Chapel customer.
Giancapri: Theater comedian of the Cinquedean Black Veils.
Gocho Pulsciri: Protected father; suspected poisoner.
Gorvo: Aspiring crimelord; head of the Executors gang.
Graccio the Golden: Arrogant male courtesan.
Grimant Vargari: Head of the Cinquedean family branch. Old veteran.
Grimorio: Manticore Company wizard; disgraced former Dusaam.
Grocci: Raspian City orphanmaster and petty criminal.
Grollofieri: Pyromancer and court wizard to Prince Bellostia.
Grunestia Miriadis: Alchemist and holder of the Topaz Seat.
Gullaby: Mermaid. Former captive of Iridios.
Gustave Notillo: Wastrel friend of Ettorio. Frail of demeanor.

Habria Venante: Wealthy jeweler and finecrafter. Member of the Salon of Enigmas.
Hacker Lil: Lieutenant of the Ladies-in-Waiting.
Halthron Stonefoot: Dwarven curse-master; arcane advisor to Prince Lazzaretta.
Harutio: Hanger-on to the Garganta Zaroccis.
Hedera Threevines: Chanethi priestess tasked with cleansing Blackharvest Chapel.
Helsperia Dassant: Spymaster to Prince Gorsino of Brassado.
Hilos: Massavio’s apprentice.
Horgori Brazenborn: Leader of the Tallytakers, a dwarven band of mercenaries.

Idrissa “the Swan” Sespech: Graceful beauty and necromancer of Raspian City.
Ilandro: Mercenary-minded cutthroat late of the Ladonan Black Veils.
Ilgari: Master of the Ilgari’s Peerless Players acting troupe.
Iliska Vargari: Acolyte to Alvoran; younger sister to Kosvach.
Ilviro Sespech: Politics-minded potion-medium; aspiring House Grandfather.
Inyavka Vargari: Lokvan horsewoman brought to Rasenna; Kosvach’s mother.
Iridios: Half-elven adept at glamours and illusions. Tied to Miriadis. Deceiver.
Isafel Sespech: Young student, classmate to Vesper Sespech.
Israfina D’Ambergia: Eccentric young socialite; twin to Annelia.
Issida: Cinquedean street urchin.
Iris: Halfling employed at Salvina Villa. Stares right through you.
Istrella Sespech: Seamstress; Vesper’s mother.
Ivella Borsari: Oldest daughter of Andelac and Rachessa Borsari. Once kidnapped and rescued.
Ixeth: Lizardwoman. Clutchmate to Sequava.

Jada Rovino: Widow of Scorpis. Prone to behaving badly.
“Jagatir Vycalaca”: Customer of Blackharvest Chapel; alias?
Jarfara Hundred-Wounds: Khavayish champion/bodyguard of Prince Cortifo.
Jastara Pelorin: Vintner and unofficial town head of White Hollow.
Jaxa Quill: Halfling weapons dealer of Redoris.
Josso Brokeyoke: Former leader of the Drovers gang.
Jostinaro: Ladonan captain turned hiresword broker. Contact of Carenza Vega.
Jurio Levatis: Cautious captain of the Sapphire of the Saan.

Kagall: Tamshar smuggler, pit-master and ape-wrangler.
Kalbak: Westlander warrior; prospect of the Ladonan Vargari.
Katessa Borsari: Youngest daughter of Andelac and Rachessa Borsari.
Katsa: Property manager of the Theatre Penumbral.
Kosvach Vargari: Dangerous but steadfast Cinquedean Vargari; beloved of Vesper Sespech.
Klygur: Half-orc lieutenant of the Scarhawks mercenary company.
Kydelli Shieldbreaker: Half-orc Liercan priestess, ship doctor aboard the Roaring Gryphon.
Krista: Lieutenant to Taza of Redoris.

Lapetra Iluni: Head of the Cinquedea Iluni; aunt to Ettorio.
Lamesti: Executor sniper; brother to Ludaro.
Laniros Hawkschild: Zealous young Kaealite aspirant of Cinquedea.
Lestrata Vycalaca: Lamoscan vampire provocateur, aka “Lestrata Zarocci”, “Lachrysia.”
Lette: Lady-in-Waiting turned mercenary.
Libella: Mistress of the Water Lily brothel.
Lieutenant Salumis: Forspadan officer, stationed at Fort Crimson.
Lilac: Halfling servant to Rivo Morposa.
Lisayra Dusaam: Cinquedean representative of her House.
Lossifo Bandicca: Merchant and poisoner.
Lothiros Snakebite: Criminal sub-boss of the Poison Frogs; member of the Sable Skulls.
Ludaro: Executor sniper; brother to Lamesti.
Ludovir Vycalaca: Lamoscan vampire blade and provocateur, aka “Ludovir Zarocci”, “Larettio D’oscura”.
Lusaddo Tuderi: Canterian bravo.
Lyria Redstockings: Canterian courtesan; suspected Black Veil.

Malestron: Dragon of the Saanwater. “The Living Storm.”
Mandicar Rovino: House Grandfather. Lives in Garganta.
Marvino Iluni: Ettorio’s oldest brother. Recently recovered from financial woes related to in-laws.
Massavio: Renowned Ladonan sculptor; rumored to have skill derived from a haunted tool.
“Meatpie”: Halfling bodyguard to Sinker Tallymark.
Medescar Iluni: Ettorio’s father; gentleman who married into the House.
Mescetti: Disreputable actor who fell in with the Golden Hooks sellswords.
Mianta: Admirer and hanger-on to Larettio D’Oscura.
Mirona Calummis: Ladonan gentlewoman and blackmailer.
Mistress Digretti: Unctuous landlady of Ettorio & Bessari’s apartments.
Mordescue: Six Rings slaver/smuggler, captain of the King’s Ransom.
Morgante: Gargantan madam of the Bloodrose and mentor of the Black Veils.
Morsca Bane: Scarred veteran, priest of Mal Zath.
Mostavo D’Ambergia: Adventurer.
Mother Capestica: Chanethi high priestess of Canteria’s Basilica of Sacred Earth.
Mulgo: Cinquedean professional informer.
“Mustard”: Gnoll bodyguard of “Cravino D’Ambergia.”

Nania Divaldi: Daughter to Prince Gorsino’s confessor.
Nemore D’Ambergia: Wealthy young Cinquedean poet.
Niladae Iluni: Ettorio’s mother.
Ninetta Pulsciri: Young daughter of the Cinquedean Pulsciri.

Obris Tenweight: House Graelskeld crystal-dealer and sometime fence.
Odrianna: Elegant ritualist and advisor to Prince Lazzaretta.
Opalesse Dusaam: Elementalist from Forspada with an interest in the Tower of the Heron.
Orbos Rovino: Gargantan archetypal Rovino.
Orenti: Major-domo to Prince Bellostia.
Orimas: Salvina patient; truthsayer.
Orimo Bastracci: Horse merchant and poisoner.
Ortifo: Corrupt priest of the Higher Nine; poisoner.
Ovietta Pulsciri: Wife to Turthis.

Palisax Redhand: Duelist and poisoner.
Paretta Avicca: Recent widow; suspected poisoner.
Patrios Divaldi: Confessor to Prince Gorsino.
“Pepper”: Halfling servant of “Cravino D’Ambergia.”
Pilo: Zany of Catafarza’s Prismatic Players.
Piretta DiFlamme: Redoris courtesan; sometime lover of Prince Olidian.
Pirudo Vetali: Grandson of Prince Lazzaretta; poet of no ability.
Potifol Whiteknees: Landowner, neighbor to the Borsari estate, conspirator.
Prince Bellostia: Prince of Invicci.
Prince Gorsino: Prince of Brassado.
Prince Lazzaretta: Prince of Maviolo.
Prince Olidian: Prince of Raggavante.
Prince Temagli: Prince of Calvera.

Quercinnarra: Dryad who occupies the woods on the Borsari Estate.
Quinta Rovino: Wiry, ill-tempered Cinquedean blade.
Quistery D’Ambergia: Raspian City socialite.

Rabbit: Soldier of the Ladies-in-Waiting; trusted scout and loyalist to Carenza.
Rabuza: Gargantan master engineer.
Raccitelli: Bookkeeper and strategist to the Executors.
Rachessa Borsari: Wife of Andelac, mistress of the Borsari Estate.
Radeck Miriadis: Former Thornshield captain, now gentleman of an aspiring Great House.
Radiant Murder: Stringed devil agent of Hell; former paramour of Vittorio Marvigliozzo.
Ramilante: Skilled blade in retirement at the Borsari Estate.
Rasselo Rovino: Current exasperated head of the Cinquedean family branch.
Rastari: Fisher Knight mercenary of no small skill.
Ravian Vargari: Adopted scion of Khavayish extraction.
Reteskos: Vilessan costumer working for the Raspian City theater elite.
Reyna de Mer: Privateer, trader, captain of the Roaring Gryphon.
Riloz the Razor: Maviolan bandit chief, hunted down.
Rinutha Iluni: Acting co-head of the Raspian City Iluni.
Rivo Morposa: Famed Forspadan master painter.
Rodivar Vargari: Mercenary captain, retired; Kosvach’s father.
Rofogarre Miriadis: Prodigal young pyromancer.
Rozodor: Taltikkan priest; advisor to Prince Olidian.
Ruserra: Zany of Catafarza’s Prismatic Players.
Rutessa: Charming herbalist of the Cinquedean Black Veils.

Sacrador: Chelindran smuggler; captain of the Slippery Eel; purchased plague-apples from Fair Clyressa.
Sadavari Sespech: House Grandfather. Kindly old man lingering past his time.
Salzar/Tocaro Graystreet: Revenant who coordinated the plot against the Borsari lands. Ally of Blackharvest Chapel.
“Salt”: Halfling servant of “Cravino D’Ambergia.”
Saltarello: Ermine familiar to Floressa Tyliel.
Saravisa of Hamaji: Khavayish merchant; purchaser of plague apples.
Savaquin Sespech: Young prodigy necromancer; potential aspirant to seat of House Grandfather.
Savarre: Hypnotic ruin-priest of Mal Zath and Xacshi.
Scorpis Rovino: Enforcer who married into the family; quick-draw specialist.
Secordis Ossomont: Sespech necromancer, mentor to Vesper Sespech. Assassinated by Spotted Cats.
Sequava: Lizardman vizier/seer to Prince Olidian.
Serafira Dusaam: Noted hydromancer.
Seretta: Agent of Prince Temagli.
Sesscia: Wife of Ramilante.
Shalperax: Corrupt elemental water-fiend; bound into the Tower of the Heron.
Sicario: Swordmaster of the Ladonan Scarlet Kite sword school.
Sinker Tallymark: Halfling racketeer of Ladona.
Skalva Heavyhand: Gargantan dwarf merchant, wife to Gaudagrim.
“Skullface”: Leader of the Canterian Head-Takers gang.
Spadio Ironskin: Arena master, and one of the few truly honorable men in Garganta.
Styriax Vargari: Long-dead swordsman. Ghost bound into the sword that bears his name.
Swordfather Bracori: Master of the House of Steel.
Swordsister Tieri: Cinquedean Goreadonni.

Tacitaris Verastin: Gargantan representative of House Verastin.
Taribolto: An infernalist mage of Cinquedea, deceased; perhaps tied to Salzar.
Tarvana Vargari: Dangerous bounty hunter and blade; older sister to Kosvach.
Tanila “the Hawk” Avicca: Dangerous young blade. Rival to Veparre Pulsciri.
Tauris Crisandor: Sociopathic rake; the Downturn Sniper.
Taza: Champion to Prince Olidian; former knight of Paelis.
Telva Dancredi: Redoris merchant.
Tenumbra Sespech: Mistress of the Canteria Sespech tower, the Gnomon.
Termarra Rovino: Head of the Raspian City Rovino.
Tessel Iluni: Acting co-head of the Raspian City Iluni.
Tesselene: Ragged street operative of the Raspian City Black Veils.
Tesqal: Morafir smuggler, captain of the Elaborate Lie.
Tilanna Nemedian: Gargantan merchant.
Tirobol Tuderi: Canterian rake.
Togiro: Family butler to the Iluni of Cinquedea.
Tolly: Androgynous halfling; lover to Check.
Toralis: Salvina patient. Aged.
Toranir: Canterian Goreadonni.
Torantia: Adept of military bearing; Miriadis emissary to other Sorcerous Houses.
Toriso: White Hollow youth.
Trasanto: Acclaimed tenor of the Grand Phantasmagoria; handsome and dashing.
Trugeri: Manservant to Nemore D’Ambergia.
Tsiraquess: Winter elf necromancer; reclusive member of House Sespech.
Tubo: Lieutenant of the Scarhawks mercenary company.
Tuparo Gialosso: Wastrel friend of Ettorio. A bit of a glutton.
Turavo Avicca: Unpleasant Cinquedean merchant in search of a fertile bride.
Turthis Pulsciri: Head of the Raspian City Pulsciri household.
Tychis Jadesailor: Rising Cinquedean merchant.

Umber: Halfling servant to Rivo Morposa.
Umborio Pulsciri: House Grandfather of the Pulsciri.
Ust: Lizardman boatman and guide. Wears a hat.

Valisar Vargari: Adventurer, formerly cursed.
Valisto Dusaam: Tiefling conjurer and rumored infernalist.
Vanst: Large and discreet Gargantan Thehtite.
Velanter Carfineri: Gargantan rake, admirer and second to “Larettio D’Oscura.”
Venetta Vargari: Vargari archer. Wife to Basilcar.
Veparre Pulsciri: Dangerous blade. Rival to Tanila Avicca.
Vestiri Iluni: Flamboyant wit and despair of his mother.
Vestreccia: Master mask-maker of Raspian City.
Vetti: Former lieutenant of the Executors.
Vico: Former soldier under Carenza Vega; now Fisher Knight.
Vil: Lady-in-Waiting turned mercenary.
Vinco: Sniper for the Spotted Cats bandits.
Virillin Iluni: Charming younger sister to Ettorio.
Viriscia Tyliel: Adept; head of the Cinquedean Kircinos Manor.
Visayla: Treacherous half-elf opportunist.
Vittrigio Belasque: House manager of the Theatre Penumbral. Superb mustache.
Volsta Vargari: Raspian blade with a dislike of arcane adepts.
Voltorno Sespech: Master of the Quiet House estate in Cinquedea.
Voratio: Necromancer secretly employed by Prince Gorsino.
Vorgasan: Vulture-like leader of the Golden Hooks sellsword band. Odd ghoulish nature.

Witherwords: Fata; Nobilia pauper-prince; entity of blight and desiccation.
Wren: Maidservant to Faustina Belluna.

Xedravina: Fata; Viridia spirit of vines and growth; patron to Opilio Chapelwood.

Zalthasar: Aspiring House Grandfather of the Miriadis. Alleged conjurer.
Zelt: Bodyguard to Cadmiro Zarocci.

Master NPC List

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