Rasenna is a primarily human nation; humans dominate most of the Great Houses, and relatively few other races (save the ubiquitous halflings) have shown an interest in emigrating to Rasenna in large numbers.

Rassenan humans tend to have complexions ranging from fair to dark olive, depending on where they were raised; fair skin is usually a mark of a bookish individual. Most Rasennans have dark hair, either deep brown or black, and a woman with straight hair and a widow’s peak is considered particularly elegant.

Halflings in Rasenna are much like they are elsewhere: present wherever humans are, taking small and inconspicuous jobs throughout cities and in some rural areas. They have the typical halfling “cur” look — most have hair in streaks of multiple colors, and heterochromia is particularly common.

Dwarves and half-elves both have a House to their names, making them the next most populous minorities. In fact, the high presence of half-elves in House Iluni makes Rasenna possibly the greatest concentration of half-elves on the continent.

Other races vary. Elves and drakha are frequent visitors, but don’t live in Rasenna in great numbers. Some half-orcs migrate from Ossenland to find mercenary work. People with… peculiar blood (mechanically, tieflings, genasi, goliaths, shifters and shadar-kai) can be found in the Sorcerous Houses, products of unearthly marriages or odd exposure to arcane magic. Even rare things like spartoi (human-form warriors grown from dragon’s teeth; mechanically, dragonborn), boggarts (gnomes), and clockwork constructs (warforged) can be seen, although they’re likely to be the only ones of their ilk in the principality.


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