The wide Saan river is at its most navigable before it pours into the greater Saanwater. The land it runs through has been a major artery of trade for millennia, and the river’s mouth has been an ideal port for just as long. It’s no surprise that Raspian is the wealthiest principality in Rasenna, as well as the heart of much of the nation’s culture and fashion.

Everything that can be found in Rasenna can be found in Raspian to some extent. Every Great House with concerns beyond its own principality maintains a small estate here. The Sorcerous Houses have embassies in the capital as well, and goods from across the land flow here to be exchanged for exotic wares brought by ship. This means that Raspian also trades heavily in intrigue, of course. Would-be merchant lords rise and fall here, elevated to glory or brought crashing down by the power of gold.

It’s said that all of Rasenna’s dangers and vices can be found here as well. Though well-paid mercenaries are able to keep banditry to a minimum, crime abounds in the various settlements, always searching for targets that have purchased the weakest security. Mystical and otherworldly threats are also rumored to move along hidden paths throughout Raspian. Those who come to the Empress of the Saanwater sometimes bring supernatural menace with them — reports tell of werewolves from Brelindia, genie-cursed objects from Khavayin, haunted relics from Dysian ruins, inferno cults from the lands once held by the Baal-Angru, and so much more. Not all of these reports can be true, of course… at least not at once, surely.

Raspian’s capital shares its name, though it’s common enough to refer to the metropolis as Raspian City to differentiate. It is arguably the heart of all Rasenna, each beat driving the lifeblood of trade throughout the nation and beyond. The current master of this city — inasmuch as anyone can master Raspian — is Prince Cortifo, a meticulously urbane man who plays the game of diplomacy very well. Cortifo enjoys more influence than any other prince, but also bears more weight of House demands and expectations. Neither seems to affect him overmuch, however. He usually seems to be in high spirits, even light-hearted — a demeanor that has given those who cross him a nasty shock. The Prince of Raspian’s good humor should never be mistaken for harmlessness.


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