Salon of Enigmas

Three years ago, in CE 2719, Vittorio Marvigliozzo managed to complete his plans to be summoned to the material world. He did so at the expense of one Torivalto, the then-owner of the miraculous and dangerous Tourbelleaux’s Toilette. Torivalto, though by no means an adept infernalist, had received additional encouragement in his dabbling with other realms thanks to his membership in the Salon of Enigmas, a very exclusive and very discreet club based in Ladona.

The Salon of Enigmas is scarcely known outside its membership. Those rumors that surround it are carefully maintained to present the image of something entirely harmless: a group of wealthy thrillseekers who play at the occult as an excuse to hold various debauches. Such “transgressive” societies are regrettably common in Rasenna. But the Salon had something more. A few elite members possessed some small favor or talent gifted from Hell. Vittorio never witnessed any actual demonstrations of a supernatural pact, but from his observations of Tarivolto he gleaned a few names before he took the Toilette and fled Ladona for safety’s sake.

The members of the Salon of Enigmas with some sort of known (to Vittorio) diabolical connection, circa 2719, were:

- Torivalto, keeper of the Toilette. Deceased as of Vittorio’s summoning.

- Rofogarre, a pyromancer. Currently holds the Ruby Seat in the ruling council of House Miriadis.

- Avistella, an opera singer. Boasted of her familiar, a peculiar cat all black on one side and orange-striped on the other.

- Occorro Drakeshand, a mercenary captain. His sword was apparently forged in Hell.

The current disposition of the Salon of Enigmas is unknown. Torivalto is deceased, Rofogarre has left Ladona for Cinquedea and the Miriadis,and Occorro Drakeshand has been campaigning in recent years. Only Avistella remains a public figure in Ladona. It is uncertain whether the Salon still exists, or whether any new elites have been gaining favors from Hell thanks to its network of connections.

Salon of Enigmas

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