Farther to the north, on the northern side of the Saan River before it turns south, rests the state of Serugeth. Serugeth is an autocracy overseen by an Overlord, though one prone to swift regime changes. Here strength, no matter how sadistic, is law. Not only does the nation boast open temples to all of the Lower Nine, but the temples themselves are stronger here than in any other nation. Serugeth, then, is rightly despised as a land of warped morals. Slavery is a way of life there, as are bloodsports and various decadent pleasures.

The council of lords is known to be casting covetous eyes at their borders, although they haven’t mounted an invasion force for years now. To top it off, the government practices the irritating (to other countries) habit of sponsoring bands of mercenaries and “adventurers” to seek out wealth and magical power across the continent. These bands, called Reavers, are often highly efficient, and usually indistinguishable from similiarly amoral adventuring parties. The more successful (those with no need to disguise their affiliation) often wear the badge of Serugeth (a red boar breathing bright yellow lightning jags on a dark brown field) in some form.

Serugeth is a constant threat to many of the nations around the Saanwater. With the creeds of Aaziphon and Mal Zath so strong among their leadership, they must wage wars of conquest, or else displease their gods. Rasenna maintains a strong friendship of convenience with the Iron Marches, given that the Marches stand between Serugeth and Rasennan lands. With Rasennan coin fueling the Marchlander armies, the ambitions of Serugeth are kept barely contained. But Serugeth also has its subtle and venomous agents. It’s not enough to watch for troop movements alone, because there are many cloaked intrigues running from that land.

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