At the southeast edge of Rasenna sits Strechone, a principality with much wilderness still unsettled by its modest population. Old-growth forests and silent marshes mark the boundaries of Strechone, and are largely left alone. The settlements throughout the principality are largely newish, with only a few ruins from older civilizations here and there. Strechone has seen comparatively little war in its time, for the land resists clearing for farms, bears little mineral wealth, and offers such shelter to its defenders that it has rarely been seen as worth the effort.

The people of Strechone have a reputation for being insular and eccentric, sometimes puckish. The land is sometimes seen as a sister province to Maviolo, only on the other end of the nation. Both are more sparsely populated and subject to various rumors of eldritch and arcane threats. Both are also home to Sorcerous Houses, but where the Sespech add to Maviolo’s air of death and shadow, the Tyliel reflect the fey, bewitching aspects of Strechone. Many claim that the women of Strechone are the fairest and most elegant in the land, though this reputation is not an entirely positive one. Strechons lean towards the superstitious, and each family is said to have their own traditions of cursing their enemies.

The principality’s reputation for danger is largely justified. Its thick forests are home to various beasts, often native to the Overworld. These entities, and other fey or spirit visitors, come through weak spots in the wall between worlds, disturbingly more common in Strechone. Locals often keep indoors on moonlit nights lest they be stolen away by the fata. Goblins from the Widdermarches have constantly attempted to claim portions of Strechone for themselves, though they have more luck slipping in as small hunting parties than they do raising warbands and rousing the slumbering guardians of the woods.

The capital of Strechone is Tessalta, called the City of Moonlight. Tessalta sits on the edge of the thick woods, a gateway between the deeper forests and the rustic plains. It is the formal home of House Tyliel, though most citizens suspect that the true House seat is deeper within the woods, perhaps built around one of the gateways to the Overworld. Prince Davirro has his court here; the Prince of Strechone is a handsome, well-spoken man of great popularity, though it’s said he entertains some jealousy toward the Tyliel or their House Grandmother.


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