Some children come out… differently. Tieflings are a rare and very diverse offshoot of largely human stock. What they have in common is a mix of mortal blood and the immanent flesh of something from beyond the pale — usually something infernal, or abyssal. They have a number of nicknames: devils’ children, Half-Born, hellbloods, fellborn.

The origins of tieflings vary. Some are reputed to be the descendants of pairings between mortals and devils or demons, the scions of tainted bloodlines. Others are allegedly the result of infernal pacts, where parents strike infernal bargains to gain strong heirs or trade the purity of their children away for some other gain. Certainly some may be the result of spiteful curses laid by rivals. And some are apparently the product of exposure to hellish magic while still in the womb. They differ greatly in appearance from one to the other, though horns and tails are particularly common in tieflings born of infernal influence. Those that are fertile at all are interfertile with humans or one another, and the blood has a penchant to breed true.

In Rasenna, tieflings are widely enough known to be recognized as mortals rather than monsters, though many still draw strong suspicion from the common folk. Most people associate tieflings with infernalism, which can limit their social mobility to some degree. They typically find the most acceptance among the Sorcerous Houses, particularly the Dusaam, or in more scandalous social circles where their exotic yet dangerous auras are more alluring than off-putting.

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