Vague Remorse

The Vague Remorse is one of the “second tier” establishments in the Scintilla district of Raspian City — not quite expensive or fashionable enough to be first tier, but still a fine place to attend. One part tavern, one part inn, and with an attached stage for irregular and eccentric performances, the Vague Remorse has seen a number of scandals in its day. It changed its name several times in the last two decades, in an attempt to consistently draw new business in the face of various public embarrassments suffered by its clientele. Five years ago, the owner Cartiri shrugged in the face of the inevitable and chose the name “the Vague Remorse.”

Since then, business has been steady. In fact, every evening the establishment seems to draw a number of people hoping to catch someone else go about making themselves a figure of exciting disrepute. Quite often, these “scandal tourists” are the ones making a poor decision somewhere after one too many of the house’s famously potent drinks, and then trying to be as quiet about it as possible.

As a result, the Vague Remorse seems to be two entirely different establishments, depending upon the hour. After dark, it’s a popular night spot with wickedly off-kilter shows and a lively crowd. In the morning, it becomes a place of quiet secrecy, as its patrons of the night before slink downstairs and eat breakfast quietly in small islands of mild shame. It is considered the height of discourtesy to pay attention to anyone at a table other than your own during daylight hours. A few gossipmongers have had to be shown the door in bruising fashion before the tradition took root — but now the Vague Remorse is a very discreet place to have a conversation, during daylight hours at least.

The provender at the Vague Remorse is good, if a bit unremarkable; filling comfort food for the daylight hours, and spicy dishes for the nighttime crowd. It has an excellent selection of surprisingly potent spirits. Its specialty house drinks include the Unfortunate Decision (a tasty mixed drink that is easy to finish before its potency kicks in) and the Lapse In Judgment (a sweet-flavored shot).

Vague Remorse

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